AI Pets are coming to the Habytat

Voting is Now Open

Choose your favorite. The winners will be the first Pets included in the Habytat launch, with all the others to follow!

Just like our real-world furry friends, Habytat’s pets will progress from puppies and kittens to full-grown adults as users care for them. Users will be able to choose their puppy or kitten from several initial breeds, and will need to take care of them on a daily basis by making sure they have water, food, affection and are cleaned up after. Additionally, the pets can be taught basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “down” and “fetch.” The pets will even have their favorite toys and places to lay, and will need to be taught where they can and can not go in their Habytat home. Eventually, your pets will even learn to talk!

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